When face-to-face meeting is needed

When You Should Have a Conversation in Person

It can be very useful for managers that need to liaise with employees based in a variety of different locations to utilize conference calling. However, all good managers know that some conversations must happen in person due to their importance.

Dealing with Important News Affecting Individual Employees

When having some conversations it is important to be able to read and gauge the individual's body language and responses. When you are talking about sensitive issues for the first time with someone it is important to see their body language. It can be difficult to adjust the conversation if you cannot gauge the other person's body language.

Presenting a New Idea

When you need to present a new idea or discuss an important decision it is best to meet in person, face-to-face. Why do businessmen and women fly around the country for two-hour meetings? They do this not only because it makes communicating much easier but also because it shows that they value doing business with their clients and potential clients.

Meeting potential clients allowance businessmen and women to identify any concerns they may have from their body language. By traveling to have face-to-face meetings a business is showing more commitment to a client then they could via a phone conversation.

Handling Sensitive Business Issues

When holding a telephone conversation you can never be sure that the other party is not recording the conversation. This is something to consider although it may seem far-fetched and is also against the law in some states.

In the event that a telephone conversation is recorded regarding confidential business matters, any part of the recording could be taken out of context and used against you. The other party may record a conversation for genuine reasons, and then have another party discover the recording and use it in a lawsuit.

Face-to-face meetings allow you the opportunity to speak freely without worrying that what you say will be used against you. Your colleagues and employees will also enjoy the same freedom.

What if You Were in the Other Parties Shoes?

Before discussing an important and sensitive issue consider how you would feel if you received this information via a phone call instead of a face-to-face meeting. If you would not be happy receiving the information via a phone conversation then do not present the information to a colleague this way.

If a face-to-face meeting does not end with the result both parties wanted, your colleagues will be grateful for the respect and consideration you have shown them.