Why You Should Record a Conference Call.

Record a Conference Call? Why you Should record your conference call.

Why should you record your conference calls? What are the benefits? There are many reasons and benefits from recording your conference calls which you will not be fully aware of until it is too late. Are your note-taking skills up to scratch? What about if a colleague disagreed with the contents of your conference notes? A recording of the call will remove any possible issues about what was said or agreed during a call. The following are some of the reasons and benefits for recording conference calls:

Accuracy of Meeting Minutes

When you or your assistant is preparing the minutes of meetings it can be very helpful to have a recorded version available to refer to as needed. During a live call, it can be difficult to keep track of the conversation. By having a recording available the possibilities of misunderstanding or inaccuracies are greatly reduced and the important details are not missed.

Help with Transcription

If you plan to have a third party type up your notes from a conference call there's a very high possibility of errors, especially if they have difficulty reading your handwriting. It is better to send a copy of the conference recording to the transcriber and have them put together the minutes of the meeting from that.

Training and Education Calls

If your business provides training or education services via conference meeting calls, there two main reasons why recording your calls can and will benefit your business. The first reason is that if someone cannot make the training call for any reason, you can send them a copy of the recording, thus avoiding the need to repeat yourself.

The second reason is by listening to the recordings of the training sessions you can fine tune and review the quality of the training you provide. Perfecting your training sessions will give you the opportunity to create recordings of them and provide these to new students rather than having to attend each call on a live basis.


Can you remember the number of times you have completed a conference call and then been required to brief the non-attendees as they could not attend the call live for whatever reason? Maybe you were due to attend the call but could not attend and then had to rely on colleagues to fill you in on the details of the meeting. This is another benefit of having a recording of each conference call.

Keep for a Later Date

Having a recording of your conference calls will mean that you will have the opportunity to refer to them as necessary at a later date. If there is a disagreement about what was said or agreed or someone has gone back on a verbal agreement you will have a recording of the call to refer back to for clarification.

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