Operator Assisted Conference Calls

The Benefits of Operator Assisted Conference Calls

Many conference calls are hosted without the assistance of an operator which is a convenient and simple method for running a conference call. Yet there are occasions when the services of a professional operator are beneficial.

A professional operator can call all the participants and then add them to the conference call. This way all the participants need to do is answer their phone. When they answer their phones the operator introduces the call, adds them to the conference and introduces them to the participants already on the call.

One of the most popular calls that utilize a professional operator is legal ones when attorneys need to discuss a case with the judge. As you would expect the judge is the last participant added to the call.

Additional Benefits of Professional Operators

Professional operators are utilized for many different tasks, such as collecting business names, personal names along with contact numbers and email addresses. An example of this would be when participants call in themselves and the operator greets them and requests their personal details before adding them to the conference. The operators can also queue and announce new participants to the conference call.

While having a professional to operate your call may cost a little extra, the quality of service you will receive is well worth this extra cost. The participants will see that you are taking your conference call very seriously and have gone out of your way to treat them with courtesy, professionalism, and respect.