International Conference Calls

Holding an International Conference Call

If you have not held an international conference call before, we have detailed below the difference between an international toll-free number and a number of local to your business location. This will help you confirm the best option for your needs.

International Toll-Free Number

These numbers are specific to a country and when called, the caller will not have to pay any charges. For all participants, these calls are free of charge.

Local Geographic Number

These numbers are specific to a country that callers from overseas can use in numerous countries. While this might not be a toll-free number, it is very cost-effective and allows participants to call a number from their current location and connect to your call. No overseas charges are incurred and no overseas calling is necessary. Many participants from Europe will already be aware of phone numbers like this.

Every account has the option of call numbers for international conferences. To check what your international numbers are, login to your account, go to 'My account', and select 'Intl Dial-In' from the menu.

It is much simpler for participants overseas to dial into your conference calls while providing you with an easy solution for global conferences.

See international local and toll-free numbers.