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Free Video Conferencing

Free Online Video Conference Calls without any downloads, plugins and works from any browser on desktop, tablet, or mobile android or iphone device.
Free Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing File Sharing

Video Conferencing Service

With’s video conferencing services, up to 250 participants can quickly join a video meeting using browser-based web conferencing with no downloads or software to install.

Effective online video meetings for remote work and team collaboration happen without any downloads, delays, or set-ups.

Screen Sharing

Sharing a presentation during an Online Video Chat is as simple as sharing your screen in real-time. Present your findings, lead participants, or play a video using this interactive feature for more dynamic demonstrations.’s high-quality Screen Sharing requires no downloads. Just simple, intuitive controls that make video conference calls more effective and frustration-free.
Free Screen Sharing
No Downloads

No Downloads

The in-browser meeting room is Conference Calls innovation. Set up, and join an online video conference call in a matter of moments, anytime from anywhere. No other video conferencing service comes with download-free fully integrated Video Calls, Screen Sharing, and Dial-in Numbers.  No Plugins, No Installs, No Software, Simply use from any computer or mobile browser.

Document Sharing

Follow up emails are a thing of the past when you can share media, links, and documents immediately. Provide video conference participants with important files during the sync that are easily retrievable post-meeting.

Documents are included in the conference call summary emails. You can rest assured knowing all participants have received the docs, and that they have easy access.

Video Conferencing File Sharing
Video Conferencing Streaming

Live Streaming

Impress new customers with YouTube Streaming. Or show your regular clientele that you caught on to their every word with Audio and Video Recordings. Toll-free numbers are a great way to participate in video conferencing from anywhere while keeping costs at a minimum.

Online Whiteboard

Have you ever had trouble describing something to team members during a video conference call?

Eliminate communication barriers with the Online Whiteboard that makes explaining difficult, hard-to-grasp concepts simple. Use colors, shapes, images, and links to get your point across more directly.

With the Online Whiteboard added to your video conference meetings, watch how much more productive they become!

Online Whiteboard
Gallery and Speaker Views

Gallery and Speaker Views

Look at online video conference calls differently when you can have up to 250 participants all on conference call. Laid out as small tiles in a grid-like formation, Gallery View shows everyone in one place. Or, click on Speaker View for as a full-screen display of the person speaking.

Moderator Controls

Keep your online video conference calls on topic and always productive with host/organizer controls and “conference mode” settings. Both features allow the conference call host to take charge of the session and mute other participants to maximize productivity.

Video Conferencing Moderator Control
Video Conferencing Text Chat

Text Chat

Conference Calls text chat lets any participant contribute to the video conference without interruption. This feature is great for asking questions or sharing specific information, like phone numbers, addresses, and full names, quickly.  Call participants can send messages to the entire group or send private messages to other members on the call.

Audio and Video Recording

Capture every detail of your conference call and video conference. Simply hit the record button and continue to add to the meeting without having to take notes. Every element is recorded, including video, screen sharing, chat messages, and document presenting.

Plus, all audio and video recordings can be viewed and shared later.

Screenshare Recording
International Dial-In Numbers

International Dial-In Numbers

Is your team located across the globe? Look to build your following and save long-distance fees. Choose from a variety of regional, national, and international conference numbers that keep you connected. Premium dial-ins come with brand-free greetings and custom-hold music for your video conferencing waiting room, a pleasant user experience.

How to Start a Video Call

  • Sign up for your free account.
  • Copy your meeting URL located in the top corner of your dashboard.
  • Share your URL with whoever you want to chat with via email, text, etc., and tell them to join you.
  • Start a meeting and meet live!
Free Video Conferencing - FCHowitworks2

Anyone You Need to Connect to Is Only a Call Away

Free video calling means you can run a business, socialize online and stay in touch with loved ones no matter where you’re located.

Video Call Mobile in Call
Video Conferencing File Sharing

Free Video Calling Features Make Your Messaging More Collaborative and Engaging:

  • High definition audio and video
  • Host up to 250 participants
  • Share your screen in a presentation
  • Record video meetings now and watch later
  • Document and File Sharing
  • Online Meeting Room
  • … and more!

Let Your Next Video Call Feel Almost Like Real Life

ConferenceCalls video calling comes with real-time features like Screen Sharing and high definition audio and video that feel like the next best thing to being in person. With Video Calling online, you can leave a lasting impression. Use for business or family reunions, or for different group meetings. The uses are endless on what and why you might need a large video conference call service.
Video Call Feel Almost Like Real Life
Video Conferencing Video Button
The most popular feature, the Online Meeting Room, gives participants a place to meet before the online video conference call gets underway. Hosts have the freedom to choose when to be seen and when to turn the video conference feature off.

Or Meeting New Clients

Bring your business idea to life online with video conferencing that puts you in front of potential clients. You can set up shop from anywhere which means your client base can be from anywhere!

Integrate your growing client list by syncing your online meetings with Address Book and Google Calendar Sync.

Meeting New Clients

Meet face-to-face without the fuss

Use Video Conferencing for Your Next Virtual Social Gathering

Socializing remotely is more fun when you have the best video conferencing software. Feel connected with a two-way communication platform that gives you the freedom to chat with whoever, wherever. Connect up to 250 participants on one call worldwide.
Awesome Image

Educate your team and give them the tools to uplevel their skill set. Webinars, training, and tutorials are all at their fingertips with a video conferencing software for classroom flexibility.

Video Conferencing Online Events
Online Team Meetings Free Conference Bar Chart Screen Sharing

Sessions are hands-on with Screen Sharing that shows learners exactly what they need to know.

Custom Hold Music

Choose from curated music on hold audio files or upload your own message to greet participants as they enter your online video conference.  We give the moderator all the controls they need to give their participants the best professional conference call experience without complicating things.

Video Conferencing Custom Hold Music

Free Video Conferencing FAQ

Video conferencing is a powerful tool for remote team collaborations, allowing people to effectively communicate and collaborate with one another from anywhere in the world. It involves two or more individuals communicating over digital audio and video, usually through a web-based platform that allows real-time interaction. By using video conferencing, participants can see each other’ facial expressions and body language as well as listen to each other in real-time.

Video conferencing has become popular for both personal and professional use, as many people have had to adjust to working from home or interacting with clients remotely. It is a great way to stay connected even when participants are located in different parts of the world.

Video conferencing allows business help boost productivity as people are able to discuss ideas and share documents quickly and easily, without having to wait for someone to download or send something.

Our audio and video conferencing does not require you to download any software.   You can conduct a video conference from any device and browser with a internet connection.

Video conference calling is a feature to allow two or more people to communicate with each other over a video connection, allowing for real-time conversation and interaction. Through the use of technologies such as WiFi and 5G networks, Video conference calls can be made from anywhere in the world, making it an ideal way to stay connected with family, friends, or colleagues. One of the benefits of Video conferencing is that it allows people to see and hear each other in real time and also share visuals such as photos and videos.

It’s easy to host your own video conference with the following equipment:
A computer ( desktop or laptop), a camera, microphone and speakers. All you need is internet access so that people can view it too!


Free video conferencing can be a great tool for businesses that have employees working from multiple locations. The technology allows people to meet in real time, which reduces travel times and money spent on logistics like flights or accommodations while still allowing them the opportunity of being productive during their downtime between meetings!

Free video conferencing is an effective tool that allows multiple participants to join in on a single meeting without being physically present. Companies can use free video calling for many purposes such as facilitation and training sessions, ensuring everyone has the same information or doing away with PowerPoint presentations altogether by allowing each person visuals via their own screen share capability!

Nowadays businesses have to deal with so many obstacles when it comes down from the actual work. One of those problems we solve by using video conferencing software, which is a free service for multiple participants in real time without them necessarily being together or even near-by – this saves you guys some money!

Absolutely 100% Free on every conference calls account.   ConferenceCalls is a free online meeting room for up to 250 participants with audio/video conferencing, screen sharing straight from your web browser and document collaboration. You can start these meetings on any device without downloading anything!

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