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Free Screen Sharing

With our free screen sharing software, you can connect your laptop or desktop with another person in real time. There are no downloads required and it’s easy to use! It’s perfect for making more compelling presentations and real-time collaboration!
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Free Screen Sharing

Free Screen Sharing Has Never Been Easier

Collaborate like never before with a free screen sharing tool that’s easy to use and doesn’t require any downloads. No need for complicated programs – just open your web browser, choose who you want in the meeting (everyone or only people listed), then hit “share”! Display your screen directly from the browser for more engaging presentations and collaboration with others.

Start Screen Sharing With A Conference Call Account

With free screen sharing, you can easily show your computer’s content to anyone. If they’re not online or if their connection is bad at home – no problem! You’ll be able share anything on any device that has an internet connection and the person who wants see it will also have a great experience because all data remains safe with encryption technology throughout transmission (and even after).

Start Screen Sharing With A Conference Call
No Downloads

No Downloads Required. One Click Access

We made our system so simple that it doesn’t require any downloads.  Simply create your account and get access to everything you need for successfully running a business or organization, including free screen sharing; video conferencing, call scheduling that sends automated email invitations on behalf of users at specific times during the day when they’re available – all from one convenient location!

Presentations In Real-Time

Share your screen, a presentation, or your web browser in real time with all your participants worldwide.

Never again will you have to worry about participants being bored by the same old video meeting. With ConferenceCalls, your free account comes complete with all of our powerful tools for a more engaging collaboration experience – no downloads required!

In addition we offer crisp and clear audio/video quality as well as easy sharing options so that everyone can view what’s happening on their own screens simultaneously without having anyone else interrupt them.

Presentations In Real-Time
Screenshare Recording

Record the entire audio video conference call with a single button.  Great for training sessions and for participants who could not attend the online meeting to review the missed event.

Why not share your display content with the world? With free online screen sharing, you can view documents and presentations and photos from other users as well! You could even record all those important presentations in real time by using Screen Recording.

Screen Sharing FAQs

Answer: Screen sharing is a feature that allows participants on a conference call to share their computer screens with the other participants. This can be useful for presenting slides or showing a customer representative a product they are interested in.

Screen sharing is the ability for all participants in a conference call to see the same screen on their computer. This can be helpful when presenting or demonstrating something, or when needing to collaboratively work on a document or project.

To share your screen, just click the button in your conference call software and select which screen you want to share. Your participants will then see your screen in real-time, and you’ll be able to see theirs as well.

While screen-sharing can be a safe way to communicate digitally, it still has potential security risks that should not be overlooked. Unauthorized access could lead to your device being compromised and scammers may use remote sharing as an opportunity for malicious intent. It is important you only grant permission to screened and trusted contacts when engaging in online screen-sharing activities; maintaining the utmost cybersecurity safeguards will help ensure safety during each session.. guarantees complete security for your online screen sharing experience, protecting all cameras, microphones and documents with powerful encryption that requires permission from the user before granting access to any other party! Whether it’s a laptop or smartphone, you can now share protected information safely and securely each time.

Whether you’re collaborating on documents, hosting a virtual meeting or simply sharing photos and videos with friends – has got your back! Our free cloud-based screen-sharing software allows anyone to securely share their screens straight from web browsers without the need for any downloads. Not only that but now you can use the Screen Recording tool to capture every moment of all your online meetings, presentations and more so they’ll be reviewed later in full clarity. With reliable platform it’s never been easier access content quickly while still enjoying seamless browsing across devices!

With ConferenceCalls.Com, you have all the tools necessary to collaborate remotely without needing any software downloads! Enjoy seamless video conferencing and share your screen in real time with our free cloud-based browser-based technology – right from a user friendly Online Meeting Room on your desktop, laptop or any mobile device.

While Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing have begun to blur together, there are still notable differences between the two. offers an online screen-sharing service that doesn’t require participants to use a camera – something not always available with video conferencing services. Additionally, Video Conferences may need more bandwidth than standard online screen sharing due to streaming audio/video; however, this is no longer as much of an issue thanks to the prevalence of high-speed internet connections these days!

With ConferenceCalls.Com, you don’t have to worry about downloading or installing anything – create your free account and easily share your screen with up-to-date cloud technology straight from any web browser, desktop computer/laptop, or mobile device! Easily share your screen, start a video conference, or go live on YouTube to millions of viewers. Keep yourself connected in real time without all the fuss of complicated software setups.

Start A Screen Sharing Conference Call or Video Conference For Free

Get started with Conference Calls. Create your free account and gain seamless access to everything you need for business meetings in a all in one platform.  Conduct audio conferences, video conference calls & screen sharing;  virtual meeting room management tools plus more!  Conference calls have never been easier!  We have everything you need to start, host a conference call, or be a participant all in one place without any additional software downloads.