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Moderator Controls

With moderator controls you’re always the one in charge of your meetings.
Video Conferencing Moderator Control
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Moderator Controls Give You the Power to Take Charge of the Session

Every sync is productive when you use the different Moderator Controls and Conference Mode settings that let the host take charge. Experience how Moderator Controls maximize productivity during your next video conference.

Moderator Controls Enhance Your Hosting Presentation Experience

Presentation Mode
Mute everyone except the Moderator when you have a “listen only” meeting. Text chat is still available to everyone for questions or comments.

Pin Video
Highlight which participant panel will display full-size on your screen.

Multiple Moderators
Share your moderator controls with other participants.

Mute and unmute callers in large groups to better manage your conference.

Raise Hand
Select ‘raise hand’ under the menu tab at the top to alert the moderator of your request to speak up.

Remove participants from your conference call.

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It’s Up to You to Determine Who Can Speak Up During Your Session

Keep tabs on your video conferences with Moderator Controls that help the host stay on topic. Video Conferences become less disruptive and more smooth when Moderator Controls are enforced. Encourage a better flow of discussion with organized Q&A sessions at the end of the discussion. Use the Q&A Mode to mute everyone except the Moderator(s). Participants can unmute themselves to ask or answer questions.

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