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Virtual Team Meetings

Your private, on-demand, free online meeting software with video conferencing, free screen sharing and free dial-in integration. No downloads necessary – for anyone!
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Online Team Meeting

Online Team Meetings Have Never Been Easier, Better, or Easier! Enjoy audio conferencing and Video Conference Meetings that come with free collaboration tools like Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing, and Document Sharing.

Screen Sharing

Your participants can easily follow along with you by sharing your desktop. Show everyone in your online meeting room exactly what you’re seeing for a successful remote presentation. Participants can also share their screen right from their web browser.

Free Screen Sharing
Online Whiteboard

White Board’s whiteboard feature takes collaboration to the next level with an integrated board chat that allows both you and your participants to draw, erase, and place shapes into a completely virtual notepad right in your online meeting room. It’s an immersive team collaboration tool perfect for project planning, and more.

Document Sharing and Presenting

Upload your documents to the online meeting and let participants easily view and download. Uploads are included in your Call Summaries, so no need for follow-up emails.

Video Conferencing File Sharing
Free Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Add the power of HD video to face-to-face online meetings and experience a much more interactive conference call. Video Conference right from your web browser with zero downloads for you or your participants.

Break Out Rooms

Create Smaller Groups in an Isolated Space From the Main Meeting.

Useful for group work, support and discussion of the main meeting, Breakout Rooms offer more specialized opportunities to connect with participants personally.
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Live Stream Event

Impress new customers with YouTube Streaming. Or show your regular clientele that you caught on to their every word with Audio and Video Recordings. Toll-free numbers are a great way to participate in video conferencing from anywhere while keeping costs at a minimum.

Auto Transcriptions

From identifying different speakers to highlighting commonly used terms, auto transcripts take the context of your meeting beyond the conference call. Get more value out of your meetings with searchable transcripts of your audio recordings, powered by artificial intelligence.
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Use Any Device

Use Any Device

Use any device to host, attend, or view live.   This includes your desktop, laptop, ipad, or mobile phone.   Any device that has a browser can connect to any conference call worldwide

Audio Conferencing

With free online meeting software and app, you can host meetings from anywhere at any time. Meet participants in the conference room online or by using Toll-free Local and International Dial-in Numbers.

Video Conferencing Online Events
Video Conferencing Text Chat

Text Chat

Each online meeting comes with its own integrated Text Chat, giving your participants fewer reasons to check their phones during the conference! All chat messages are saved in your call history and sent out in your Call Summary.

Let Conference Calls Make Any Video Meeting Easy To Use With Our Free Online Tools.

The Power To Reach Anyone in Real Time

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Here are just a few of the great ways you can use

  • Present Sales Demonstrations to Vendors and Clients
  • In-depth Virtual Training Sessions For Employees
  • Coach Clients From Around The World
  • Bring Your Virtual Classroom Online
  • Raise Funds For Your Campaign
  • Stream Seminar’s And Host Your Faith’s Prayer Line
  • Host Study Sessions From Home
  • Create A Safe And Secure Online Space For Support Groups
  • Lead Students On Interactive Virtual Field Trips
  • Promote Virtual Social Gatherings
  • Launch An Online Business
  • Record And Upload Demonstrations Directly To Social Channels (YouTube, LinkedIn Tik-Tok, etc.)
  • Funerals Livestream and Services
  • Virtually attend rehab And Support Groups
  • Legal -Meet With Clients, Legal Team, and Depositions
  • Present Quarterly Earnings Dynamically
  • Conduct HR and Job Interviews
  • Private and Secure

Online Meeting Room

ConferenceCalls makes it easy to join an online meeting from the comfort of your own home or office. You don’t have download anything, all you need is internet access and a webcam! With up 250 participants on one call at once (perfect for team meetings), this service will make communication more efficient than ever before.

Joining a meeting is easy and hassle-free for participants – no account necessary! All you need to do is click the invite link, enter your temporary name and join a virtual room with others who were invited by the host. But if you’d like to be an organizer of online meetings yourself, creating an account on couldn’t be simpler; just sign up in seconds!

If you want to host an online meeting, sign up for either our Small Business or Enterprise Conference plan.

If are looking to join a conference online meeting, its Free!   You never have to pay to join someone else’s hosted online meeting at



Joining no longer requires a webcam! While you won’t be able to transmit your own video, participants can still listen and speak during the meeting with their connected or built-in microphone, as well as view videos of other attendees – all without needing a camera for yourself.

With, setting up an online meeting has never been easier! Log in and choose either “Start a Meeting” or “Schedule a Meeting” from your dashboard to create the perfect virtual gathering. Prefer to connect by phone? The service even gives you that option – just select “Meet by Phone” when prompted for easy audio-only meetings any time of day.  If you use Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or Slack Messenger,  you can simply invite your participants by installing our invitee plug-in, and send them a calendar invite link to your audio, video, or online meeting conference call.

Get your virtual meetings off the ground with ease! There’s no need to clumsily exchange URLs or access codes – taking advantage of’s user-friendly interface, you can seamlessly connect friends and colleagues to an online conference room in a flash. Plus, if you’re already using Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Slack Messenger or our calendar platform. Then, all it takes is installing our invitee plug-in for instantaneous meeting invitations from any device – just like that everyone will be ready for your audio/video conferencing needs!

Host a Conference Call or Free Video Conference, Get Started!

Sign Up now and take advantage of all the conference call features we offer, like Online Meetings and Video Conferencing. You’ll never have trouble starting a conference call or meeting again with our easy to use platform.