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Web Conferencing Document Sharing

Help everyone stay on the same page by instantly sharing documents during your call.
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Online Document Sharing Means Better Collaboration

Ensure efficient project management with free document sharing. This free feature is included in all accounts and can be accessed from your download-free Online Meeting Room. You can instantly send and receive documents during a conference call, giving you more power to collaborate and communicate effectively!

Make follow up emails a thing of the past by providing everyone with the documents they need during your call. All documents are included in call summary emails. You can rest easy knowing your participants received them (this feature coming soon).

Use document sharing to instantly give your participants access to important documents and presentations to follow along with during the conference. Or to review after your meeting has come to a close.

Web Conferencing Document Sharing - FreeConference share file min 1 600x346 1
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Manage and share documents online with your participants in real time quickly and easily when you upload them to your online meeting room. You can even use your mobile device! Secure online document management and document collaboration is easy with file sharing.

Here’s how it works: To share a document, open the chat feature in your call window. Select the paper clip icon at the bottom right corner of the text-entry area or drag and drop. Your shared document will appear in the chat area. It can be easily downloaded by any participants at their convenience, or for you to use in a document presentation.

Say goodbye to follow up emails with free document sharing and other collaboration features from

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