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Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms are a great way to ensure that your meeting doesn’t become too long and tedious. The host of the session may choose whether or not automatic splitting will occur, but participants can also split themselves into separate sessions if they want too!
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Create Smaller Conference Rooms From the Main Meeting

The breakout room feature is an excellent way to group participants during meetings in smaller discussions. This must be started by the moderator on their computer, and it will open up into one large space where everyone can discuss separately from each other while still being able hear what others have said in order for discussion purposes

Continue the Conference

The team can share and discuss in the main meeting, but if they need more clarity on a specific point or want privacy from others listening into their conversation then break out of that discussion into an exclusive Breakout Room for just those individuals. Participants have all audio/video functions as well including live-streaming so no one will miss out!

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Collaborate and Discuss in Real-time

The conference room is a place where people come to brainstorm, share ideas and work on projects. But sometimes you just need more space than what one room can offer! That’s why organizers are creating new ways for participants of all levels (from beginners) in order get the help they need with their project or idea while still being surrounded by other likeminded individuals who want nothing but success too them – even if that means getting advice from someone less experienced at this specific task! These Breakout Rooms “isolation rooms” create extra opportunity.

Go From One Meeting Rooms To Another

The meeting organizer is in control of how the session will flow. They can send out invites, set up up to 10 rooms for breakout groups and moderate who goes where during this time period between sessions when people are still welcome to leave or come back at any point before it’s their turn again on stage!

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