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Conference Call Features offers all the features you need to ensure you make the most of your audio, video, and team meeting conference calls. With our easy-to-use platform, you can be confident that your call will go smoothly. We have everything you need to ensure a productive call from start to finish.
Free Conference Call

Conference Call Features

Free Video Conferencing

Why pay for video conferencing when you can use our FREE online video conference call service that's offered with every plan? We don't require any downloads or apps, and works with any desktop or laptop browser, as well as all mobile phones.

Free Conference Calls

We offer toll-free and local dial-in numbers for domestic and over 40 International locations so that you can try our service with all available features. We spare nothing in letting you try our service for Free for 14 days.

Video Call

Collaborating online has never been easier - you can bring everyone together in one place and facilitate clear communication as if you're all in the same room. This makes it easy to get work done quickly and efficiently.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is a great way to share your desktop, screen, or files with others while conducting a meeting. You can quickly access your web conference host using one easy-to-remember URL. Then, simply click on the link and you're ready to go!

Video Chat

With video chat, you can have a conference with your whole team wherever they are located in the world. Or, you can chat, message, and send notes privately with participants on your video call. This is a great way to connect with colleagues during meetings.

Online Meeting Room

Every conference meeting room comes with 100% privacy and control. No one can enter a conference call unless you have access or approval from the moderator. This allows you to be in control of who joins your meeting and when.


Online Whiteboard

Visually collaborate in real-time. Hold nothing back in sharing ideas on a white board as if your in a classroom or boardroom.

Free Screen Sharing

With screen sharing, you can easily share presentations, documents, and images with other participants in a conference call.

Text Chat

Ask questions. Share links. List action items. Communicate in public or privately with the entire team or with single members privately.

Document Sharing

Share documents with your entire team in one view. Any participant can share and collaborate in real time .

Moderator Controls

It is your Conference Call. You have 100% FULL control, to mute, add, block, lock participants, or collaborate and give access to your members globally.

Meeting Summaries

Easily review post-call summaries for productive follow-up for any small or large conferene calls.

Conference Call Recording

We know how important each call can be for any business. We made it easy to Record, Save, and Share Every Conference Call. Never Feel Disconnected.

Auto Transcripts

Easily Transcribe your recorded conference call into text for easy reading. Great for lawyers or anyone who doesn't want to listen to long audio conference calls.

Speaker Spotlight

Oversee a key speaker’s time to shine. Participant can see who the active speaker is at any time. No need to search to see who is speaking.


Vast array of tool to help mark up onscreen documents with arrows, highlighers and other tools to indicate information on a shared screen with a selection of annotation tools.

Breakout Rooms

On our best features! Quickly use our breakout rooms to connect on a more personal level in a virtual space. Start large and then break out into smaller rooms with different moderators.


Custom Virtual Background

Virtual backgrounds can help you to blend in or get noticed during an online meeting. You can use your own customized background, or choose from one of the many available options. You can use virtual backgrounds from any location.

Waiting Room

Keep track of every and all participant entry until the meeting starts. This is great feature to know who you let into your room before into any office conference call.

Caller ID

Keep track of your mobile participants by knowing who's dialing in by their caller-id. Don't be surprised by un-wanted guest.

More Features For Free

Toll-Free Dial In Numbers

Toll-Free has always been the standard in having a business conference calls by providing them one easy number to dial into. Any small business, solopreneur or remote worker can run a professional-looking business by using one of our toll-free 800 number.

Local Dial-In Numbers

If you don't want to use a toll-free number, your participants can dial a local number in order to connect to your call. The benefit of a local number is cheaper for your participants to use, and they may not have to worry about long-distance charges.

Dedicated Dial-In Numbers

A dedicated dial-in number allows callers to connect with you directly and immediately. This eliminates the need to worry about reserved conference lines, call time limits, or additional fees. With a dedicated access code, you can all dial the same number and be connected right away.

International Conference Calling

With access number in over 40 countries - we make it easy for your international participants to dial in and connect to your audio conference call.

Cloud Storage

Conference call online storage is perfect for storing all your recorded meetings and videos for Free. With our service, you can rest assured that all of your data will be safe and secure. Plus, our user-friendly platform makes it easy to access your recorded calls wherever, and whenever you need it.

Pin-less Entry

Forget about having to dial your moderator or conference code again. We will automatically recognize your caller id and connect to you to our network.

Call Scheduling

Send out invitations to schedule a call in advance. Participants get a reminder email 15 minutes before your conference call begins.

Time Zone Scheduler

Schedule a domestic and international conference call by using our time zone scheduler. Know what time it is for your participants.

Invitations & Reminders

Your conference invitation request will includes the day, date, time, dial-in, access code and a option to accept or reject the time.

SMS Notifications

Never miss a conference call again because you forgot. We will send you a reminder notification 15 minutes before your call with your one click entry link.

Gallery & Speaker View

See all your video participants in one screen and whoever is speaking their video will be highlighted and enlarged for easy viewing.

Recurring Conference Calls

Host a conference call every week with the same participants? Schedule your conference calls in advance for the entire year with our reoccuring scheduling feature.

Group Call Invites

Use our conference address book to store individuals or groups contacts for quick scheduling of your next conference call.

Reservationless Conference Call

Our conferencing platform is always ready to host your conference call. No reservations needed and always ready 24/7 to host a small or large conference call.

Free Online Address Book

Store ALL your contacts in our easy to use address book. No need to ever look up an email addresses or phone numbers again.

Active Speaker

Know who's speaking at all time of your conference call. We highlight the active speaker and make it extremely easy to identify who's talking.

Live Support

If you need help at anytime, our support team is always available to assist or explain how to use our services so you have a great experience.

Free Connection Test

Easy to use Call Diagnostic Tool to test your microphone, audio, video, and internet connection. See whats working and whats not in a simple view.

Integrations / Downloads


If you use Outlook, Hotmail, or any of Microsoft products, quickly send out meeting invitations through Microsoft Outlook with a single click. Easy to use and more efficient for teams.


Google Calendar is the most widely used calendar worlwide. Install our plug to always to invite your participants with the correct dial-in and connection to your conference call. Video or Audio or Screen Sharing, we got you covered.


We know Slack is widely used in businesses and we made sure we provide all the tools for our slack lovers to use our services with ease. Quickly sending the entire company a link to join a video or audio call in seconds.

Enterprise Plan Additional Features

Live Stream on YouTube

Going LIVE is the most advanced feature we got. Go Live and Stream Live to all you watchers worldwide on Youtube. There is NO limit on how many viewers you have at one time.

Secure Conference Call Features

Security is our HIGHEST Priority. We provide ALL aspects to Protect your team conference meetings by providing additional levels of security for large calls.

Custom Hold Music

Adding custom hold music is a great way to personalize your brand and welcome guests. It also lets participants know that they're in the right place. Custom hold music can be included with the Enterprise Plan or purchased as an add-on feature for just $2.99 a month!

Meeting Call Summaries

Easily Review post-call summaries for productive follow-up. This feature allows you to search your transcript for keywords and click through the results to the exact location in your Audio Recording.

AI Conference Transcripts

A line-by-line transcription is automatically generated when a conference call is recorded, creating a searchable record of your discussion. This can be a great way to revisit past conversations or to share meeting highlights with others.

Video Recording

Our audio and video recording tool will make it easy when you need to capture a conference call or meeting. Just click to start recording, and share the MP4 afterward so that no detail is missed.

Host a Audio Conference Call or Video Conference Call, Get Started For Free!

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