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SMB Web Features

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 Features  Benefits
Web-based Application
  • Access service from any computer with Internet access
  • No software to install
  • Automatic upgrade
Publishing Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Word and Excel Documents
  • No download for participants to view published documents
  • Store multiple presentations in your account for quick and easy presenting
Multiple Presenters/Control Passing
  • Share presenting responsibilities with other participants
Application and Desktop Sharing
  • Share an application or document with meeting participants in real time
  • Optionally choose to share select documents and applications or entire desktop
Remote Control
  • Request control of a participant desktop or application
  • Give control of desktop or application to participant in the meeting
Roster with Controls
  • Manage web conference from single point within application
  • View participants as they join and leave meetings
  • Capture key participant information (e.g., name, email)
Hand Raising
  • Enable participants to "raise hand" in response to question or to get host attention
  • Tallies "raised hands"
  • Create and execute polls
  • Tallies and presents results to host online and in summary reports
  • Option to present results to participants
Smart Scrolling
  • Synchronize participant view of a document with the presenter's view
  • Highlight key presentation points on slides or in documents
  • Use marker tool to illustrate key points in presentation
  • 15 colors available
Full Screen
  • Enlarge presentation to size of application window
Conference Lock
  • Lock conferences to prevent unwanted participants from joining once a conference has started
File Transfer
  • Transfer files to one or all participants
Chat (host or participant initiated)
  • Chat with individuals or send broadcast messages
  • Designate an individual participant or a group to answer Q&A
Optimized Slide Presentations
  • Caches slides to improve transitions for slower connections
  • Displays fixed dimension slides when slow connections are detected
Email Meeting Summary
  • Choose to receive a summary of the meeting (e.g., duration, participants) via email after the session has concluded
SSL Encryption
  • Ensures the safety and privacy of information shared during the meeting