SMB Audio Features

Reservationless conference calls FROM anywhere TO anywhere.
  Global Calling
Connect global participants to a audio conference call in seconds.
  Superior Quality
Excellent call quality and secure network infrastructure. 
  Multiple Options
Multiple connection options; Toll & Toll-Free Dial In Access, and Web Dial Out. 
  Web Controls
Free moderator web controls. Now includes mute, phonebooks, call logs, and more. 
  Fully Automated
On demand, fully automated conference calls 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. 
  No Busy Signal
Unlike others, our conference service is always available. Never get a busy signal. 
  Use Any Phone
Use any phone such as offices, cell phones, pay phones, and more. 
  No Switching Carriers
No need to cancel your existing long distance provider to use our service. 
  Phone CommandsNEW!
Activate commands such as mute all, dial out, from your phone. 

A convenient way to ensure you always have minutes. 
It's Prepaid! So no contracts, or long term commitments to sign.  
  Custom Billing
With a low 1 minute billing increment, save time and money. 
  No Paper Billing
No more bills sent in the mail. 

  Big Savings
Reduce costs by 90% over traditional methods of conference calling. 
  Free Activation
No Setup Fees, No Installation Costs, Speedy Activation. 
  No Extra Fees
No connection fees, No Hidden Fees, No Gimmicks, guaranteed. 
  No Penalties
No cancellation fees and No deactivation fees. 
  Guaranteed Rates
One Rate, 24/7, No time or day restrictions. 
  Industry Low Rates
Lower than AT&T, Sprint, international VOIP, and collect calls. 

Customer Care
  Customer Service
24/7 Friendly Customer Service. 
  Account Management
24/7 Online Account Management. 
  Online Help
Comprehensive online help resources available.
  Secure Connections
Fully redundant, robust fiber optic Digital Network.