Enterprise eMeetings (Webex)

Optimize business processes and empower your workforce with online collaboration using our eMeeting by Cisco Webex®. Communicate information and share documents, presentations, and applications just like in person.

From Anywhere, Worldwide!

¢ /min.
per participant

Accelerate Productivity and Drive Business Growth

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Connect 500 People Worldwide
Share documents, presentations, and applications with up to 500 people
SSL & PKI Security
Secure important meetings with end-to-end encryption or grant access with PKI certificates
Power Panels
Deliver full-screen views for attendess while you manage activity behind the scenes
Outlook®, & IM Client Integration
Schedule or launch a meeting instantly from Outlook, Lotus Notes, or instant messenger
Video Conferencing
Simulate face-to-face meetings from multiple locations using Multi-Point Video
Pay per minute, No Contracts
Control costs with one low flat rate without any subscriptions or long term contracts

Document, Application, and Desktop Sharing
Show documents, applications, and your desktop to remote attendees in real time.
Rich Multimedia Experience
Engage your audience by incorporating multimedia in your presentations: PowerPoint,® FlashTM animations, and audio and video.
Active Talker
Identify who's speaking by a flashing icon in the meeting participant panel.
Video Conferencing
Give your attendees a real-time visual reference. Simulate face-to-face meetings with participants from multiple locations using Multi-Point Video.
Meeting Recording, Editing, and Playback
Record meetings and applications for future reference, training, or demos.
Desktop Integration Suite
Initiate meetings instantly from Microsoft Office® Microsoft Outlook®, Lotus Notes, and a variety of instant messaging solutions, including Cisco WebEx Connect.
One-Click Meeting Access
Start a meeting and invite attendees instantly from your desktop, taskbar, or favorite applications. See attendee list, chat, manage video, and control audio.
Easy Meeting Invites
Send meeting invitations and reminders using an automated phone call, text message, email from your local client, or IM, including Cisco WebEx Connect and other instant messengers.
Cross-Platform Support
Meet with anyone using WebEx, on all common operating system platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris-or even on a mobile device.
Presentation Notes Panel
View presentation notes within a private panel while you share a presentation. Give attendees a clear, full-screen view with a discreet toolbar for navigation.
Enterprise Integration
Use a single sign on to access WebEx Meeting Center and other enterprise applications integrated with WebEx.
Webex Collaboration Cloud Performance and Reliability
Conduct multipoint interactive meetings worldwide-without latency or interruptions.
Switched Network, 128-Bit SSL Encryption, and PKI Secure Meetings
Secure your most confidential meetings with end-to-end security encryption. Control access by requiring attendees to present PKI certifictes to join.
Deliver full-screen views for attendees while you manage meeting activity behind the scenes.