Web Conferencing

Collaborate worldwide right from your desktop. With ConferenceCalls.com's Executive Web Conferencing Services, you can meet globally to deliver presentations, develop solutions, and discuss opportunities without costly and time-consuming travel.

Executive Web Meeting
Interact visually through Executive Web Meeting to share documents and applications, present diagrams and illustrations, or even host product demonstrations. Connect up to 350 interactive participants or 2000 viewers in one web meeting.

Features Include:
No Special Software or Hardware Needed
Integrated Web Conference Recording
Online Registration and Conference Management
Feature-rich for Meetings, Training, Presentations, and More
24/7 Reservationless Meetings
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Our rates only 8.9 cents/minute

Executive eMeeting
Executive eMeeting Services provide a full-featured conferencing environment for up to 500 interactive participants.

Features Include:
Online Presentation and Collaboration Tools
Enhanced Security for Sensitive Material
Collaborate Worldwide with No Special Equipment
24/7 Reservationless Meetings
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Executive Live Meeting
Executive Live Meeting is a hosted web conferencing service that utilizes the capabilities of Microsoft Office in combination with audio conferencing to provide media-rich, real-time collaboration for up to 1,250+ interactive participants.

Features Include:
Integrated with Microsoft Office for Streamlined Service
Advanced Security Works with Existing Firewall and Network Settings
Streaming Audio Available Through Windows Media Player
Desktop and Application Sharing, Whiteboard, Recording, and Many More Tools
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