Operator Assisted Conference Calls

Get access to reservationless calls, calls with full operator assistance, or calls that provide a blend of support levels designed to meet any need. All our audio conferencing solutions provide recording & playback, full online management, global accessibility, no contracts, and much more.

Starting at just,

4.9¢ per minute

Explore our Operator Assisted Conference Call plans to meet any business needs.

Express (Reservationless)

Reservationless calls are available on-demand 24/7 and can support up to 96 users. From live conference management to online billing reports, executive conferencing provides a full featured robust conferencing platform.

Features Include:

  • Join conference calls via worldwide Toll-Free numbers, or Toll Dial-In
  • Conference Record for later playback
  • In-Call Touchtone Commands
  • Live Conference Monitor for conference control via Web
Event Lite (Reserved)

Connect up to 1,000 participants in a convenient automated, reserved call. Callers can join via interactive or listen-only lines, making Executive Direct Dial calls ideal for large team meetings or simple announcements.

Features Include:

  • Operator Available for Technical Support Throughout the Call
  • Connect to the Call via Toll or Toll-Free Dial-In
  • Cost-effective Services for Streamlined Calls
Event Pro (Reserved)

Even the most complex conference calls will be worry-free when you use our Reserved Operator Assisted services. Connect up to 3,000 participants in a feature-rich, customized conferencing environment that is appropriate for even your most formal and professional conferencing needs.

Features Include:

  • Local Full Operator Assistance and Monitoring, including Participant Greeting and Screening
  • Roll Call, Q&A, Digital Replay, and Transcription available
  • Flexible Access - Choose Your Blend of Dial-Out, Toll and Toll-Free

Get the benefits of assisted operator conference calls for your business and start saving over 80% today.

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