Access Numbers

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RESERVATIONLESS: Global Access Numbers


Start/Join an Audio Conference Call by Phone:
  • Dial the Access Number:
    • US and Canada Toll-Free: 800-914-8405
    • US Toll: 913-904-9829
    • Global Access Numbers (see below)
  • Enter your 7 digit access code.
  • Enter your chairperson passcode.
  • To allow others to join your conference, you will need to give them ANY of our access numbers, and your 7 digit access code.


Reservationless Toll and toll-free access numbers for U.S. and Canada.

Country (Calling From) Access NumberTypeDial-in Rate
U.S.A & Canada1-800-914-8405Toll-Free4.9¢


Take advantage of our reservationless, international toll-free dial in numbers.

Search for the global access number that corresponds to the country you are calling from. If using the access number for another country, you will be charged the rate from that country.

Country (Calling From) Access NumberTypeDial-in Rate
Australia 1800024170 Toll-Free 7.3¢
Belgium 027924526 Toll
Belgium 080039412 Toll-Free 10¢
Brazil 08008916837 Toll-Free 31¢
Brazil 01149497351 Toll 14¢
China North & South - mobile 4006200203 Toll-Free 56¢
China North & South - regular 8008190013 Toll-Free 56¢
Denmark 80886692 Toll-Free 24¢
Denmark 46944699 Toll 25¢
Finland 0800773474 Toll-Free 14¢
Finland 0923195102 Toll 10¢
France 0800941766 Toll-Free 10¢
France 0174180791 Toll
Germany 030700150748 Toll
Germany 08006604424 Toll-Free 10¢
Italy 0200617504 Toll
Hong Kong 30508694 Toll 12¢
India 0008001007036 Toll-Free 50¢
Ireland 16530797 Toll
Ireland 1800949133 Toll-Free 11¢
Israel 1809246060 Toll-Free 32.9¢
Italy 800788892 Toll-Free 13¢
Japan 00531160860 Toll-Free 50¢
Malaysia 1800813112 Toll-Free 13¢
Mexico 5547772252 Toll 25¢
Mexico 0018005146349 Toll-Free 50¢
Netherlands 0107988740 Toll
New Zealand 0800452099 Toll-Free 14¢
Netherlands 08000202108 Toll-Free 12¢
Norway 80056476 Toll-Free 12¢
Norway 21033916 Toll 10¢
Philippines 180011101038 Toll-Free $1.00
Romania 215293921 Toll 20¢
Romania 0800895722 Toll-Free 45¢
Russia 81080020492012 Toll-Free 30¢
Singapore 18004904959 Toll-Free 16¢
Singapore 65792801 Toll 16¢
South Korea 00308132032 Toll-Free 16¢
Spain 917911830 Toll 14¢
Spain 900800270 Toll-Free 14¢
Sweden 0201708403 Toll-Free 14¢
Switzerland 0800700282 Toll-Free 26¢
Switzerland 0434569410 Toll 10¢
Taiwan 0809081242 Toll-Free 32¢
Taiwan 0226568582 Toll 32¢
United Kingdom 02081962003 Toll
United Kingdom 08004961044 Toll-Free

If a country is not listed above, participants may dial our USA toll number above.
The normal USA toll-free number does not accept calls from outside the USA. The caller will be responsible for the cost of a normal call to a USA phone number.

Additional Details: Possible Restrictions
  • You must use a touch tone phone when dialing these access numbers. You can NOT use a pulse or rotary phone.
  • The local numbers do not cover the entire country. Prior to dialing a local access number, we advise you to check with your phone company to make sure the area code you are dialing is considered local.
  • When calling from a hotel, the local operating entity may charge access to the phone system to make a call. The location may charge for this service.
  • When calling from a payphone, the payphone may require the additional funds to connect and to maintain the local call.
  • If you are calling one of the toll free access numbers, some hotel phones, payphones, or cell phone carrier might have the access number blocked.