Conference Calls Touchtone Command

Touchtone Commands

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Activate commands such as mute all, dial out, from your phone? Yes! You can conveniently mute all/unmute all, dial out to a participants, and even conduct side meetings with them or bring them into your conference call with a press of a button!

Touch Tone Commands Available During a Conference Call

For the following commands, you must hold the * for 1/2 second.

Host Commands:

  • Dial *87 to Start Recording the Conference Call
    You may easily start a recording easily at anytime during an audio conference by dialing *87.

  • Dial *88 to Stop Recording the Conference Call
    To stop recording the audio conference, just dial *88.

  • A sound file (.mp3) of the recorded conference will made available to download free for 30 days. After 30 days, the recording is automatically deleted from our servers. You can find your recordings within the "Recent Calls" tab.
  • Dial *55 to Add a Participant to the Conference Call
    Once you have started your conference call, you can add another participant by dialing *55. You will be connected to our automated system and temporarily removed from your conference call. The automated system will prompt you to enter the phone number of the new participant; once you are connected, you will be able to speak directly to the participant in a private conversation.
    • Press *1 to add the new participant and return to the conference call.
    • Press *2 to return to the conference call without adding the new participant.

  • Dial *56 to Mute/Un-Mute ALL Participants
    You can mute all of the participants in the call by pressing *56. To unmute, just press *56 again.

  • Dial *54 to Lock/Unlock Conference Room
    This option is available after the first participant joins the call. If you lock the call, no additional participants will be able to join; instead, they will hear a message indicating that the room has been locked. To unlock, just press *54 again..

  • Dial *32 - Host Disconnects the Conference Call
    The host can end the conference before all parties hang up.

Participant Commands:

Pressing *99 will mute or unmute their own connections. However, if the host has muted the conference, *99 will not override the conference mute.

"Dial Out" rates via touchtone are billed at the same LOW rates as when doing a web dial out!