Understanding Conference Call Services

Understanding Conference Call Services

Conference call services are offered at a variety of levels to best serve the varied needs of conference call users. When choosing a conference call provider, be sure to consider how many simultaneous users you will have and what special features you may need.

Small Business Conference Call Services

While some small businesses might opt to purchase more robust services to conference with high-profile clients, conference call services that are designed with small businesses in mind can offer many features without high costs or extensive commitments. Small businesses often use conference calls to reduce travel costs and efficiently manage global projects. Many small business conference call services offer prepaid accounts, eliminating the need for credit - a real help to new businesses as well.

Mid-Size Business (Executive) Conference Call Services

Executive conference call services offer a wide range of features designed to enhance team meetings, announcements, and other frequent conference calls with more than 50 participants. Operator assistance is usually available upon request, and features may include the ability to hold question and answer sessions after the call, the option to allow multiple hosts simultaneously, and the convenience of call recording.

Enterprise Conference Call Services

Enterprise conference call services offer the most features, but usually come with the highest price tag as well. This level of conference call services can support 10,000+ users and offers extensive operator assistance and call management. Many services will manage every aspect of large calls, from inviting your participants to in-call administration.

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