Control Conference Calls Online

Online Controls

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Free moderator web controls. Includes mute, phonebooks, call logs, and more.

You can create conference sub-accounts as well. Sub-accounts are used for adding more conference codes under one main account. This is common where you might have various employees making conference calls at the same time. Keeping track of everyone's activity is now made easy when you have conference call sub-accounts.

  • Each sub-account needs an unique email address for login purposes.
  • One email address is set as the conference calls master account.
  • The master account can view and manage all sub-account's details.
  • The sub-account login can only manage its own sub-account, but with full functionality.
  • You may setup as many sub-accounts as you would like.

You can use group dialing online. Conveniently save a list of conference call participants as a group so you can then quickly reload that list for future conference calls. For future conference calls, easily access your saved groups under in the Group dialing screen.