Multiple User Conference Calls

Multiple User Accounts

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Create unlimited sub-accounts and manage from a single login. Sub-accounts are utilized for assigning numerous different conference codes under one principle account. This is basic where you may have numerous workers such as employees or staff making multiple conference calls at the same time. Monitoring everybody's action is presently less demanding than any time in recent memory with sub-accounts.

With sub-accounts, each user has an unique email address for their account. Then one email address is assigned as the master conference calls account. The master account can see all sub-account's details and information such call details, balance and more. The sub-account can just deal with its own particular sub-account, yet with full usefulness and features. You may setup as many number of sub-accounts as you might want. We facilitate small to enterprise large accounts at conference calls. Enjoy superior service at amazing low rates with our audio and web conference call service.