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Group Dialing

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Save groups, and start a conference call by dialing out to everyone simultaneously. Presently, you can group dial up to 50 people from anywhere in the world at once for every conference call. Enter their telephone numbers in our group dialing page and our conference calling network will call out to all of them at the same time! On the off chance that you like to save them as a group for future calls, you can easily with the conference administration page. To access Group Dialing, simply tap on "Group Dialing" in the left-hand section of your conference subtle elements screen.

What is a group or Muli-Party Dialing screen? Conveniently save a list of conference participants as a group so you can then rapidly reload that list of conference participants for future conference calls. To setup a conference group, first enter every one of your members in the multi-party dial out screen. Next, under Step 2, enter the name of the new group you would live to save, and tap "save group".

You can save conference call participants regardless where they are located around the world, and our system will seamlessly dial out and bring them into your conference without the them needing to enter conference codes, or dial in with an access number.