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Free Activation

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No Setup Fees, No Installation Costs, Speedy Activation. It's Easy, Signup for our conference call service for a free month, and we will instantly email you conference call code and instructions on how to use the conference call service. Start your conference call within a few minutes.

Your account will be available to use immediately upon approval. New customer approvals occur between the hours of 8:30 AM and 1:00 AM EDT from USA. If payment method is Verified by Visa, approval is done instantly. All funds from there on, that will add balance to your conference call account will be done instantly.

Conference calls even offers a great convenient feature for making sure you never run out of conferencing minutes during your important business conference call. It's called Automatic Recharge, and it's a free conferencing feature that comes with all conference accounts.

Once you begin with instant activation, you will have full access to all of's advanced conference call network features.