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Free Conference Calls Include these great features:

  • NO Purchase Necessary
  • Connect up to 50 Participants
  • Works with Any Phone
  • No Contracts
  • No Special Equipment
  • Dial Out to Participants
  • Free Recording & Download
  • Tier-1 Quality

Conference Calling Made Simple

The concept of conference calling is very simple. When it is not possible for everyone to meet face to face on a specific date, the best alternative is to arrange for everyone to be on the same phone call at the same time. In reality, holding a conference call can be complex. Issues that can arise include:

  • Not all conferencing controls are user-friendly which can interrupt or delay meetings
  • Low-quality audio can adversely affect the effectiveness of the call
  • The cost of long-distance call charges can soon add up for participants that are not local
The potential issues go on and can put businesses off the whole idea of holding conference calls. What a business requires is a better option - a solution for conference calls that is simple without reducing its effectiveness. This is where conference calling from steps in.

Global Conference Calls for Fifty People

Begin a global conference call from anywhere around the world for up to fifty people without the need for reservations in advance or restrictions on the time of day. Utilize the very best service to fulfill your small business conference call needs, seven days per week without time restrictions.

It is possible to connect participants from just about anywhere around the world via a choice of connection methods. We can call out to your attendees or they can call into a local conference call access number in more than forty countries. Our state-of-the-art conference network infrastructure allows all participants to enjoy crystal clear conference calls.

Multiple User Accounts
se Any Phone or computer

Call from Any Phone

Participants can utilize whichever phone is most convenient for them. It can be a cell phone, office phone, home phone, pay phone, and more. There is no need to purchase any additional equipment to utilize our conference call service. Our state of the art switching platform makes it very simple to start or stop conference calls from any phone.

Participants do not require an internet connection to enjoy crystal clear conference calls when utilizing the services of Our service is available from anywhere, from any phone. Wherever you are located we can call out to you. Simply provide us with your phone number, and our conference call system will call out to you straight away to begin the conference call. We can also call out to all of your attendees as well.

Create Unlimited User Sub-Accounts

Manage and create unlimited sub-accounts from one login. The sub-accounts are used to assign various unique conference codes under one main account. This is required so that more than one person can set up conference calls at the same time. It is much easier now to monitor everyone's actions than it has ever been.

With the sub-accounts, every user has a unique email address attached to their account. Then a single email address is designated as the master conference call account. The master account can view all of the details of the sub-accounts, including, call details, balance and much more.

A sub-account can only control its own fully featured and useful sub-account. You can create as many sub-accounts as you will need. Our services are ideal for small to large businesses. Enjoy an excellent service at low rates with our crystal clear audio and web conference call service.

No Additional Fees or Penalties

Our international free conference call features include utilizing the best conference call service without any deactivation or cancellation charges. Use our excellent conference service without the need to worry about long term commitments or taxes. As the conference calls are prepaid, you do not need to worry about any commitments or long term contracts. Utilize our excellent service free from penalties or fees because you no longer require the conference service.

We do not charge connection or hidden fees and there are no gimmicks guaranteed when you utilize our service. All USF along with any other taxes are covered within our conference call relationships and alliances. This means the rates you see are all inclusive and you do not need to worry about any additional fees.

What will happen if your account balance runs low in the middle of a conference call? You will receive a message prompt informing you of how many minutes you have remaining. You have the option, for your convenience, to quickly recharge your account during a conference call. To recharge your account, at any time, simply log into your account at


Enjoy the benefits of making conference calls from any location to any location. Dial into one of our many international toll and toll-free conference numbers to access our conference call bridge. It is very easy to begin a conference call by phone or by web-dial out feature. Our conference call service is always dependable and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For small sized conference calls that do not require the assistance of an administrator, there are reservationless conferences. Reservationless audio conferencing is available anywhere around the world without the need to make reservations in advance.

Global Accessibility

Connect through local toll and toll-free access numbers in 40+ countries worldwide. Use any phone such as offices, cell or mobile phones, pay phones, and more. Our state-of-the-art conference call system will also dial-out to your or your participants on virtually any number in the world.

Use our conference moderator dial-out feature to give conference call participants the red carpet treatment and they can skip dialing access numbers, and entering conference codes to join. Through the dial out feature, you can start or join a conference call from practically anywhere in the world.

International Accessibility

Connect in more than forty countries around the world to local toll and toll-free access phone numbers. Utilize any phone that is convenient for you, including cell, home, office, pay phones plus more. Our state-of-the-art conference call system can call out to your attendees using nearly any number worldwide.

By taking advantage of our conference moderator dial-out feature you can give your participants the special red carpet treatment. They will not need to dial access numbers or enter a conference code to join. By utilizing the call out feature, you are able to begin or join a conference call from just about anywhere around the world.

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