Below is an interactive toolbar sample describing all of the functions available to presenters during an active conference. Our Web Conferencing toolbar provides a simple and intuitive interface for accessing conference controls.
Presenter Toolbar
LOCK: blocks additional users from joining the conference.
PUBLISH: converts any PowerPoint™, Word™, Excel™ document into HTML format which can then be viewed by participants.
PREVIOUS: returns to the previous slide in a published document.
NEXT: advances to the next slide in a published document.
SHARE: allows the Host/Presenter to share any running application on their computer or their entire desktop with participants. A graphical view of the shared application is transmitted to participants who will see all interactions with the application.
POINT: to direct attention to content on published documents.
MARKER: is use to annotate slides and shared documents.
FULLSCREEN: mode provides more desktop space by reducing the amount of space used by the conference window and maximizing the size of the presentation.
POLL: enters the poll management interface for creating and conducting real-time polls.
LOGOFF: after the meeting has concluded.
HELP: opens the online User Help.