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Web conferencing is a convenient and cost-effective way to hold meetings without ever leaving your office. In a web conference, participants connect online using web conferencing software to share documents, deliver presentations, receive training, discuss ideas, and much more. Web conferencing can include audio and video conferencing, or it can stand alone.

The web conferencing environment is highly interactive. It typically includes many features to enhance collaboration, such as:
Document publishing: Upload documents (including spreadsheets) to share information and review changes as a group.
Presenting: Present PowerPoint ® documents or other slideshows in real time. Use tools like highlighters and pointers to draw attention to key information.

Chat: Talk one-on-one with participants, hold question & answer sessions, provide live assistance, and more.
Desktop Sharing/Remote Access: Hosts and participants can provide live access to a single application on theirs computer or to their entire desktops.

Polling: Live quizzes can be used for training, to gather opinions, to collect user and experience information, and much more.

Web conferencing software is similar to many other commonly used applications (Outlook, Word, Instant Messenger applications, etc.), so users are able to gain fluency quickly. For most participants, web conferencing is as easy as checking email or surfing the web! No downloads are generally required to participate in a web conference, and most software works for both PC and Mac users.

Web meetings have a variety of applications, including:
Live sales demonstrations
Software or product training
Roundtable/panel discussions
Presentations, from large to small

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