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I cut costs 90% from switching to your conferencing service! So glad we found you!

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Web conferencing software is a valuable tool for any business, from home businesses and SMEs to enterprise-scale organizations. More and more companies are choosing to use web conferencing to hold meetings online to reduce meeting costs and boost productivity. But how do you know what web conferencing software to choose?

Your web conferencing software will determine much of the flow and structure of your web conference, so it's important to consider all of your needs before you begin trying to choose a web conferencing provider. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

How many users will I have?
Knowing your user count can help to protect you from surprise charges – and keep you from overpaying.

What type of users will be participating?
Where will your users be connecting from? Will you need web conferencing software and services that support international users? How skilled will your users be – do you need web conferencing software that specializes in customer service for less-advanced users?

What situation?
Who will your users be – clients, shareholders, prospects, students, co-workers? Will you need a very formal web conferencing environment or something more relaxed?

What tasks?
What will you need to accomplish during your meeting, and what role will your web conferencing software play in accomplishing those? Will you need video conferencing, or will the interactive features of your web conferencing software (document presentation, whiteboard, chat, etc.) be sufficient?

Once you have a picture of your web conferencing needs, you can begin evaluating web conferencing software.

Pay per use or Pay per seat
How often will you use web conferencing? How long will your web conferencing last? Web conferencing software is paid for by the minute (Pay Per Use) or through a contract (Pay Per Seat). Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so do the calculations and see which will be more cost-effective for your needs. Be sure to check for any “hidden fees”.

How many whistles and bells does your web conferencing software need? Don’t pay extra to get features you won’t use, but make sure that your software includes the tools and options you’ll need to have a successful web meeting. Common features include chat, document sharing, desktop and application sharing, polling, and conference locking.

Service and Support
What will happen if you run into a problem with your web conferencing software? What happens if that problem occurs just before your web meeting is scheduled to start? Since web conferencing software depends on so many different factors, and is shared among so many users, small problems are almost guaranteed to arise if you are a frequent user. Make sure that your web conferencing software comes with the support and customer service that you will need to succeed – check for online manuals and resources, and know whether you will need 24/7 phone/online support or if you can get by with support during business hours only.

Web conferencing software is becoming so commonly used that reviews are popping up all over the Internet. It’s worth it to take a few minutes and perform a quick search to see what others are saying about your web conferencing software of choice – just be sure to evaluate the source of the review, too.

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