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Web conference calls (meetings held online) can be convenient and budget-friendly, but they can require some planning in order to be efficient and effective. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your next web conference call.

If you are hosting a web conference call:
Make an agenda and time your presentation. Then, stick to your agenda and timings when you present, while allowing time for questions from the audience.
Check the time zones of your participants, and be sure that everyone knows what time zone is used when announcing your scheduled web conference start time. Try not to schedule any late-night web conferences for international participants or 5 a.m. meetings for those on the West Coast.
Test your web conference call fully before you present, including your internet connection speed, your web conferencing software, and all of your equipment. Make sure your presentation is uploaded before the web meeting starts, if possible.
Use the available interactive features to highlight slides and documents to help keep things interesting.
Offer a copy of your presentation (if applicable) to participants for reference once the web conference call has ended, or make a recording of the meeting available online.

If you are participating in a web conference call:
Review the agenda, if one is provided, and prepare any questions you might have for the presenter.
Log in to the web conference call at least 10 minutes early to make sure that your connection and all of your equipment works.
Don’t multitask unless it’s an emergency. Instead, focus on the web conference call (and if it’s that bad, try to find concrete ways to improve it – many presenters ask for feedback at the end of a presentation).

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