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For Small & Large High-Profile, C-Level Conferences

Sales team meeting discussion

Use Executive Event Pro to put your conference in a worldwide, virtual auditorium. It's ideal for conducting merger/acquisition announcements, product roll-outs, and investor relations talks without the time and expense of travel. Your dedicated event operator will be standing by to assist you anytime, so you can run your meeting with confidence.

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Connect Up To 50 Participants Worldwide - Conference Calls

Reserve 3,000 PeopleWorldwide

Invite as many global participants as you wish; 3, 30, 300, 3,000 or more. Book a meeting time, and setup attendance all with a single phone call. You may reserve a conference call 24-48 hours in advance.

Custom Greetings & Screening

Customize the greeting guests will hear, then pre-screen and capture their information. You may set a password that participants must provide for added security screening and protecting your audio conference.

Full Operator Management & Monitoring

Your event call is specifically monitored by an operator and service center. Our full service operators will coordinate, monitor, conduct Q&A, greet, support, and more. We even have a 2nd Operator who is solely dedicated to the moderator.

Recording & Playback

Record your conference using telephone touchtone commands or through the operator. Give your guests the ability to listen to your recorded conference at anytime through telephone playback, A digital or physical CD, or a transcription of your call.

Free Recording, MP3 Download, Record Conference - Conference Calls

Global Accessibility

Accessible from dozens of countries via toll or toll-free numbers, or we will call them for you. We have local toll numbers that cover USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and UK. You may get your own custom access number for guest to dial into.

One Invoice, No Contracts

Streamline billing through one invoice for all accounts, and with no contracts or hidden fees. Avoid long term contracts from expensive large telecom carriers, and experience Tier 1 global audio conferencing at a fraction of the cost. Save over 90% over traditional conference providers.

Web Conferencing - Control Costs, No Contracts - Conference Calls
  Rate (USA Toll-Free Dial In)
Call Us
  Maximum # of Participants
  Reservation Required
Yes. 24-48 hours in advance
  International Toll-Free Numbers
Guests may access your event call from dozens of countries worldwide
  International Local Toll Numbers
Local toll numbers cover USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and UK
  Dedicated Access Numbers
Get your own custom access number for guest to dial into
  Operator Dial Out
Have the operator make an outbound call to your participants
  Online Participant List
Get an instant view to who is on your conference call
  Security Screening
Optional password and security screening protect conference
  Operator Assistance
Professional, trained event call management for trouble-free conferencing
  Operator Greets All Callers
An operator will answer and greet each guest
  Q&A Session Coordination
Have a questions and answers discussion during, or after your conference
  2nd Dedicated Operator
This is a second operator that is dedicated to the moderator
  Custom Greeting
Record a custom greeting that all guests will hear before entry*
In-Call Touchtone Commands
  Music While on Hold
Guests hear music while they wait for the conference to begin
  Listen-only Mode
Allow all users to only have listen-only privileges
  Lock/Unlock Conference
Easily lock your conference call from late guests
Operator Controlled
  Conference Continuation
Allow your conference to continue until the last caller disconnects
  Roll Call with Name Record
Instantly hear a playback of all recorded names in the conference
  Participant Count
Instantly hear how many participants are currently connected
  Quick Start
Allow your conference to start without waiting for moderator
  Continuous Call Monitoring
Your event call is specifically monitored by an operator and service center
Enchanced Services
Record your conference using telephone touchtone commands*
  Download Recording (mp3,wav)
Download past recordings in either .mp3 or .wav formats
  Physical CD of Recording
Request a physical CD with your conference call for filing purposes*
  Telephone Playback
All guests to listen to your recorded conference at anytime*
  Participant List
Get an email with all participants sent at no charge after each conference
  Capture Custom Participant Info
Capture guest name, company, and more before allowing them entry*
Get your conference call transcribed in text format for easy ready and review*
  Live Language Interpreter
Get a live interpreter, from over 150 languages, for your multilingual call*
North America - Toll-Free Call Us Per minute, per person. Covers USA, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and UK.
North America - Toll Call Us Per minute, per person.
North America - Dial Out Call Us Per minute, per person. Covers USA, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and UK.
Communication Line Call Us Per call. This is a second operator that is dedicated to the moderator.
Unused Lines
Call Us Per line.
Underbooking (Overage)
Unreserved lines
Call Us Per line.
Cancellation Call Us Flat fee. Charged only if not cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the start of the call.
Email or Fax Participant List Call Us Sent at no charge after each conference.
Participant Notification Call Us Per notification and/or Attempt (Charges apply when: busy signal received, co-worker takes a message, no answer, voice mail is received, or additional attempts are required.)
Web Conference/Collaboration Call Us Per minute, per person. Connect up to 350 people for application sharing, and up to 2,000 participants with Powerpoint.
Additional Services
  - Mp3 Download Call Us Per recording
  - Wav Download Call Us Per recording
  - Audio CD - (physical copy)
    Playable in all audio systems
Call Us  
  - Additional CD Copies Call Us Per tape + delivery charges. Covered up 5 copies. Delivery charges are dependent on method of delivery and delivery location.
    · Ship via Domestic Mail Call Us  
    · Ship via International Mail Call Us  
    · Ship via Fedex Call Us  
Telephone Playback    
Billing on playback may be done on a pay per use basis, or a flat rate unlimited.
Usage Based:
  - Usage Based Call Us Per minute
  - Minimum Billing Call Us Per day
Unlimited - Flat Rate:
  - First 24 hours Call Us  
  - Additional 24 hours Call Us  
Language Interpreter:    
Quoted on case by case basis. Pricing dependent on language requested, and the length of conference. Please contact your account manager for a quote.
  Call Us Per minute average
Pricing dependent on the length of conference, and requested processing time.
  - Less than 24 Hr Turnaround Call Us Per minute of conference
  - Greater than 24 Hr Turnaround Call Us
Per minute of conference (72-hour processing)
  - Name Capture Call Us Per participant
  - CD Call Us  
  - Same Day Media Processing Fee
    Expedites delivery method
Call Us  
  - Ship Intl. Overnight (FEDEX) Call Us  
  - Ship Domestic Overnight (FEDEX) Call Us  

Get the benefits of assisted operator conference calls for your business and start saving over 80% today.

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