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Wednesday, March 20, 2019  
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1. What is your target date to begin/ launch?
2. What is your expected sales volume (in minutes used, or in $ volume)
• after Day 1
• after Day 30
• after Day 90
• after Day 365
• after 3 year
3. What is the maximum number of participants you will be expecting to host in a conference?
4. What is the average number of participants you will be expecting to host in a conference?
5. Do you want to process customer transactions, or do you want us to charge them?

6. Are you interested in our prepaid or post paid model?
7. How do you intend to market your private label?

1. Are you interested in using our API?
If yes, what parts of it are you interested in using:
1. Dial Out
2. Conference Room Management (Mute, Hold, and Add legs)
3. Pin balance updates

What method would you prefer to use SOAP or form POST method?

Please state other technical requests or specifications?

1. Are you seeking web collaboration?
2. Do you currently use another provider for web collaboration?
3. If YES to previous question , what company?
4. What is your estimated monthly usage (minutes) for web collaboration?
5. Do you intend to use extended collaboration functionality (i.e., audiocasting, recording, polling)

1. Do you intend to recruit additional affliates?
2. IF YES, then how many affiliates do you plan on obtaining.
3. Are you interested in a private label, and selling prepaid international calling cards , or any of the programs at

4. Is there a dedicated person at your company that will handle the integration relationship with our company?
5. What functionality, if any, would you like to see on the platform that is not in place?

6. Which rate deck are you interested in advertising?

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